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So I have been playing Animal Crossing, and I bought turnips this week for 90 bells. If anyone has good turnip prices (preferably over 200 bells) let me know! Because my turnip pattern this week is random. :/


Felt like drawing some pokemon. I was always amused by how similarly shaped spritzee and duskull are considering they’re almost complete opposites. So cute!

My headcanon is that the duskull is named Petunia and is crushing on a pretty-boy spritzee named Elvis….after they’ve both fully evolved she carries him around like a chauffeur and they have pleasant picnics in a field of flowers together~

I’ll be taking a break from tumblr. With Vero back home, the passing of Robin Williams and all the Ferguson uproar. My tumblr is giving such anxiety, but I’ll be back in a few days. I just need to sort other things out.

You guys can skype me whenever though

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